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This website is currently being updated with new information to prepare for the April 2013 educational campaign across the state.  All new information is marked with a green "updated" sign.  Thank you to all the folks who have sent in updated information.  1/11/13

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  Since 1998 RID has provided educational pamphlets during April during Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We have reached tens of thousands of folks across our state from Ketchikan to Unalaska to Barrow and points in between.  Help us continue to provide folks with information about child abuse, prevention and resources.  Resources for people who need to learn more about child abuse, people who want to prevent child abuse and providing resources for people who are dealing with the effects of child abuse can find information and help here. This site is maintained by Alaskans helping Alaskans.                             

      Want to find out about your area's resources?  Go to Local Services and click on the link for your area.   

     Want to help keep this grass roots educational campaign going and help fight child abuse in Alaska?  Alaska has one of the highest child abuse rates in the nation!  Send donations to: RID Alaska of Child Abuse, PO Box 35595, Juneau, Alaska 99803.      Find our statement of purpose under "About Us".    

  Volunteer for our Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Campaign.

Child abuse affects not only the victim, but our society as a whole.   Child abuse is promoted by silence and ignorance.   Help us educate people across this great state about child abuse and help to build healthy Alaskan kids.  

What is Child Abuse?

For victims information is power.

Public Information includes

Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect in Alaska
Sex Offender Registration
What families should know about Child Sexual Abuse

Local Services
Information verified as of 2012 has an updated beside it.  All other information in this first block was veritified in 2011 and will be updated as new information comes in.

Anchorage Angoon    Barrow 
Bethel  Cordova  Craig-Klawock
Dillingham  Elemendorf AFB Haines 
Hoonah  Juneau  Kenai Peninsula
Ketchikan  Kodiak  Mat-Su
Petersburg Sitka  Skagway  
Unalaska Valdez and Copper River Basin  Wrangell 

Information not updated in 2010
Fairbanks Fort Wainwright Metlakatla

Other State-wide and National Resources 

By having services listed it is easier for victims/survivors and their families to find the help that they need. 

Alaskan Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse.

Alaska's Sexual Abuse Laws.

Child Safety Tips on the Internet.

The stories from victims will help others to know that they are not alone.

Get your information on our Resource & Information Directory, making it easier for victims/survivors and their families to find the help they need.

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